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Chatbots and chatbot accessories.

Welcome to AiChaos on GitHub

AiChaos is a GitHub organization that focuses on chatbot technology, most notably the RiveScript scripting language. This web page serves as a high-level tour of some of the notable open source repositories in the AiChaos organization.


RiveScript is a simple plaintext scripting language for chatbots. In its simplest form, RiveScript code can look like this:

+ hello bot
- Hello, human!

The official RiveScript website is at


The RiveScript specification can be found at the RiveScript Working Draft repository on GitHub, or at


The RiveScript scripting language has been officially implemented in five different programming languages:


Chatbot Applications

The AiChaos organization also hosts the development of complete chatbot applications, which chat with users on various interfaces and are powered by RiveScript or other chatbot technology.

Tools and Scripts

Syntax Highlighters

RiveScript Tools